Hello World!!

This is either going to turn into an epic journey that you will all read about here. Or it will turn into one or two posts that wont get updated. Right now things are pretty epic and we have a bunch of people working together to bring automated stockrooms to the market. We have been working on this as a secret project for the last couple of months, but it is an amalgamation leveraging years of experience and expertise.

Right now we are focused on getting a minimal viable product application submitted to ServiceNow on Feb 15th at 8pm Pacific time for their CreatorCon Challenge. I genuinely believe we have a good chance at winning the whole thing, but even if we don’t the journey is awesome because it is motivating us to get our solution pulled together in the next 2 weeks. Things are a little crazy, but it is coming together well and I am extremely grateful to all my friends who are giving me advice or helping pull together a complete solution. If this takes off then we will all be in for quite a ride.

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