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Automated Stockroom

Instant gratification for employees to select their own devices and consumables. Free up IT resources by automating distribution of equipment your teams need. Dispensing IT assets and other peripheral consumables to authorized users from stockroom. Without this automation, each device costs $75 to $125 overhead to order and distribute.

24/7 Help Desk Service

Turn-in broken assets for repair. Check-out loaner assets. Automatic creation of ServiceNow request tickets, asset tracking and routing for approvals. Turn-in broken laptops and other assets for repair & check-out charged & imaged loaner assets. Six asset capacity lockers recharge power and enable network updates to laptop configuration.

Physical Asset Control

Convenient check-in and check-out of hand-held assets needed for the day. Enable governance and positive control of devices used by employees, patients and customers. Check-in & Check-out smart phones, tablets, hand-held scanners and other personal devices for shift-work. Twenty device capacity stockroom recharges equipment and tracks positive physical control.

Built native on ServiceNow Platform

Companies are already investing in ServiceNow to track assets, request new assets and maintain inventories of ownership. However, without physical control governance and compliance cannot be certified.


Black Hills software automated stockroom app has extended the native stockroom object functionality in a scoped app on ServiceNow. Each physical stockroom is represented as an automated stockroom in ServiceNow. When an employee selects a device that they need using the catalog in the portal, then ServiceNow workflow will identify automated stockrooms where the product is available. If an employee is at a stockroom kiosk, then they can access and browse the catalog of items that are on that stockroom and select one for dispensing.


While it may normally otherwise take a few days to receive a device requested through ServiceNow, the automated stockroom app enables approval workflows and authorization verification and then delivers the device instantly. The automated stockroom app allocates the delivered asset/device to the authorized recipient or reserves the asset/device in the stockroom record until it is distributed. For check-in and check-out of assets and devices using lockers; the ServiceNow app and functionality is largely the same.

By leveraging the ServiceNow platform we are able to provide unmatched functionality in the automated locker, parcel and vending industry, our software is native to ServiceNow and so it leverages the investments companies have already made in the platform. Our objective is to help extend and enable the ServiceNow capabilities by delivering point solution software based on our years of experience working and developing technology solutions to solve businesses problems.

We partner with large scale kiosk, locker and vending machine manufacturers who provide customers who purchase our app with custom and standard hardware which integrates with our software. We also partner with select white-label large scale field service providers who enable a personal touch and white-glove experience at customer locations across North America.


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