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Controlling hand-held devices and assets is an annoying pain and the hand-held devices are often lost or stolen. Each IT Asset or device provided to employees costs $75 to $125 overhead to distribute. The process is time consuming and individual employees don’t leverage volume purchasing power.

Hospitals, Transportation and other regulated organizations must demonstrate that they are physically controlling their assets and expenses to fulfill governance requirements; however, they also want to empower a consumer-focused convenience economy. Our patented design combines the back-end power of a service management system with an automated stockroom Linux based OS to enable check-in checkout and dispensing of the equipment and assets that employees and patients and customers require.

Governance & control of asset distributions is open to error and data entry issues. Google’s CIO identified that only 5% of employees registered what they were taking from open supply stockrooms, prior to implementing a solution like ours. Our application makes it fun.

Many employees of companies often refuse to log into their computer to access ServiceNow functionality; they instead call into an IT help desk and talk with a computer using a scripted decision tree until they either resolve the issue or a ticket gets created that someone then has to manage. Our application will motivate users to engage with ServiceNow directly and will make the process of opening a request ticket or any helpdesk ticket easier, more fun and more efficient.

Swiping an ID badge for authentication and browsing the catalog of products available through a kiosk touch-screen will drive self-service usage of ServiceNow. 80% of helpdesk tickets will be able to self-serve using the combination of our solution accessing ServiceNow AI data on the back-end together with dispensing assets and controlling the exchange of loaner or replacement devices needed.



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