Automated Stockroom Description

Black Hills Software Inc develops and sells pre-packaged SaaS applications that enable and extend the ServiceNow Platform to physically complete the value chain of asset lifecycles tracked in ServiceNow. Black Hills Software Inc. is Physically Engaging Software SAAS.

Our Automated Stockroom App:

  • Automates check-in & check-out request tickets for assets
  • Enables instant gratification dispensing of devices and assets to end-users
  • Enables physical positive control compliance and tracking
  • Funnels employee purchases through approved channels
  • Makes managing ServiceNow tickets fun and engaging for end-users

Many systems track data for physical assets and consumable expenses, but they don’t provide physical positive control. Management systems often usually siloed and don’t engage with a Service Management system to control the entire lifecycle of user interactions. Black Hills bridges ServiceNow to the physical world. Black Hills is the first company to focus on connecting ServiceNow to the physical world.

People are accustomed to interacting with enterprise systems via a computer screen or maybe a mobile device; however, the only output that is available is typically pixels on a screen or paper on a printer. Black Hills Software Inc. is focused on developing applications that change the user experience and make it so that employees want to interact with ServiceNow in a rewarding personal way. Our first application MVP includes dispensing and exchanging physical assets and devices with employees or identified users to provide instant gratification in an automated way 24/7.

Our next phase will further enhance the user interface by leveraging voice controlled software based on Alexa, combined with a visually engaging persona similar to Max Headroom or a Pixar Character to provide additional options for the user-interface. We have identified and compiled the technology solutions required for this next phase, but were not able to complete the full development in time for this competition submission; we expect to have a demo ready of phase 2 in time for Knowledge18 and will provide supporting examples in our current application.


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