Physical Control in the Internet of Things

We live in a physical world and yet more and more of our experiences are tracked and managed in the cloud. Many systems track data for physical assets and consumable expenses, but they don't provide physical positive control.

In most cases the cloud is a two-dimensional interaction and the primary output is on a screen or on a printer.

Our Vision

By 2025 companies will install an automated stockroom every place where they have an enterprise printer in their office. Rather than just distributing copies of paper, these machines will distribute and control the resources employees need.

An Ecosystem of Strategic Partners

Black Hills Solutions is supported by 15,000 field technicians who are available to support, replenish and maintain machines across North America. Our software development team is experienced in developing and enhancing ServiceNow capabilities and in delivering enterprise solutions to global companies with unique customization. We stand ready to white label our solution with Managed Service Providers or Company Executives to make you look good.

During 15+ years experience in Silicon Valley and supporting customers globally on behalf of IBM, Microsoft, HP, Oracle and Equinix; Jon Naseath has developed a network of trusted partners who are focusedĀ  delivering each piece of the Black Hills Solutions. From Hardware Manufacturers to Implementation Service Providers and Support, Jon has organized an ecosystem of partners who are aligned to deliver a complete end-to-end solution. We stand ready to scale and have experience supporting companies large and small.

Jon Bio

Jon Naseath

Founder & CEO

  • Jon helps growing entrepreneurial companies navigate the pressures and changes that result from their success.
  • Throughout his career Jon has developed software and governance solutions that bridged the gap from cloud solutions to physical environment and consumer experience.
  • At KPMG, Microsoft, IBM, Equinix, RMS/DMGT & ZoomSystems, Jon linked the value proposition of optimized IT and Service Operations to customer & shareholder value by developing software solutions and implementing programs that increased revenue and decreased costs.
  • At RMS/DMGT Jon supported strategy for converting from on premise to cloud solution, developed executive & investor dashboards for business insight.
  • As CFO & Head of Operations at ZoomSystems he supported ~1000 service locations globally that were controlled through SAAS monitoring software
  • As CEO/Founder of Black Hills Solutions Jon now wants to help your company grow.

Next Steps...

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